Farmers and growers across the country will be affected by the AHDB proposed levy rate increases from the start of the 2024/25 financial year.  The increases are the set to be the first proposed by AHDB in 12 years, and range from 25% for beef, lamb and cereal producers, whilst dairy producers face a 33% increase in levies.  AHDB say that the proposed rate increase, which will effect farmers in the livestock, dairy and crop sectors, has been made to allow the organisation to deliver more key services, including marketing and exports for the livestock and dairy sectors and more independent research for cereals and oilseeds.   It also says that it has been effected by rising costs due to the increase in inflation.  Sector councils will make a final recommendation to the AHDB board, which will put the proposals to government ministers and devolved administrations later this year.  View how the proposed increased levy rates will affect you on this page.