For every tonne of hemp produced, 1.63 tonnes of carbon is removed from the air, which makes hemp an effective sequester of carbon dioxide.  The roots of the hemp plant grow strong and up to nine feet deep, and the root networks can help to hold the soil together and prevent erosion  Hemp can only be cultivated outdoors under the Home Office’s ‘industrial hemp’ licensing regime for the purposes of fibre and seed production. A first-time licence costs £580. Licences are issued for three growing seasons. Repeat growers currently pay £326.  Under the planned changes, licence holders will be able to grow hemp anywhere on a licensed farm and the maximum period for a licence will be extended from three to six years, subject to compliance with the terms of the licence.  The proposals, which have been developed in collaboration with experienced growers, include an option to apply for a licence with a deferred start date by up to one year. These changes are planned to come into effect for the 2025 growing season.