Severn Woodlands Creation Grant Scheme is available for landowners in the Severn catchment for capital works and planting.  There is no lengthy application paperwork to fill in, simply liaise with Severn Rivers Trust and a landowner agreement will be sent to you pre-filled.  Contractors undertaking capital works can be organised, managed, and paid directly by Severn Rivers Trust.

Tree planting options include native broadleaf species with an option for natural regeneration in areas with suitable seed source.  Capital items, such as trees, guards, fencing and gates, are all covered within the scheme.

The total landowner payment of £5,000/ha (pro-rata) is split into two payments: the first payment after completion of capital works of £2,500/ha (pro-rata) with a second payment after a satisfactory 5-year monitoring visit of £2,500/ha (pro-rata).   Read more on this page.  The end date is March 2025.