Round Two of the Slurry Infrastructure Grant will open in November and to help you prepare for a potential application Defra has published information on the changes made from Round One and how they will manage demand.    Some of the changes made include:

  • Cattle farmers will still be offered funding to achieve six months’ slurry storage, but pig farms will be funded for up to eight months’ storage.
  • There will be grant towards a slurry separator to increase storage capacity.
  • Coverings for existing stores that are fit-for-purpose with impermeable cover will be supported.
  • There is a new option to build in-situ cast concrete stores as an alternative to circular and panel stores, lagoons, and bags.
  • There is now the option for landlords to underwrite grant funding agreements, giving tenants more confidence to apply.

Farmers interested in applying for a grant will need to complete an online checker first.  Visit this page for full information on how to prepare for an application.