Hare coursing is more common post-harvest and can continue right through to spring.   Warwickshire Police is part of Operation Galileo, a national approach to hare coursing with police forces working together to tackle this illegal wildlife crime.  They are asking farmers to keep an eye out for the following signs:

  • a number of vehicles showing signs of carrying dogs parked in rural areas, on verges, in gateways or near tracks
  • people walking along field edges in order to frighten the hares into large, flat open areas of land
  • people walking sight hounds such as lurchers and whippets

If you see a crime in action please ‘phone 999 and do not approach the participants.  Take a note of car details and try to take a photo.  If you do not see a crime in action but suspect that hare coursing has been taking place please ‘phone 101.  Warwickshire Police has a dedicated Rural Crime Team to deal with wildlife crime.