Made by the farming community for the farming community, the Keeping on Track series of podcasts, discusses issues which are the main causes of anxiety and stress for people in the farming community, such as the impact of loneliness and isolation, financial worries, the consequences of working with family, multi-generational and immediate family when it goes wrong, how Government policy and paperwork affects wellbeing, and how public perception and misunderstandings about farming issues can be very damaging to farmers’ mental health.  The podcast will look at coping mechanisms, what sort of help is available, how to access it, how to talk about it, how to recognise the signs that normal work stress is becoming a real problem, and what to do when that happens. The first series of Keeping on Track features 10 twenty-minute episodes, with guests exploring several different themes including: loneliness and isolation, financial worries, sleep and mindfulness.  The series features spokespeople from farming charities such as YANA and RABI, as well as experts in farmer wellbeing and mental health specialists, alongside farming influencers and campaigners.

After losing a close farming friend to suicide, TV farmer Adam Henson spearheaded the project the the aim of erasing the stigma of mental health in farming and raise awareness of the challenges that the farming profession faces on a daily basis.   You can access the podcast on this page.