Severn Trent has announced some new packages of priority items for its 2022 STEPS funding.  These include up to £30,000 for pesticide washdown areas and free rainwater harvesting, soil testing for cover crop applicants in groundwater catchments and up to 75% funding for fencing in crypto catchments.  Grant rates have increased for many items and there are still a great range of options to choose from, all aimed at protecting the environment and water quality.  Within your catchment you will still find specific priority items – items that once implemented will make a fundamental difference to the health of the surrounding water environment.    You can make an application for mains STEPS funding all year round and the closing date is 31 January 2023.   To be eligible for funding you must be in a priority catchment area and be actively farming the land.  Visit this page for full information on the STEPS grant and to take a look at the map of priority catchments.