The new veterinary Statutory Health Attestation is required from the 13 December 2023 to certify exports of Products of Animal Origin to the EU.  The Export Health Certificates require that the animals’ farm of origin has undergone regular visits by a veterinary surgeon. The veterinary attestation template should be completed and signed by your vet.   Farmers and vets must keep a copy of this declaration for their records and provide a copy to their livestock auction market or meat processor if asked.

Obtaining a signed veterinary attestation must be done at least once over a 12-month period and can be combined with any other routine veterinary visit.

Farmer declarations can continue to be used as a source of evidence for the certification of the ‘regular vet visit’ until 13 December 2023. After this date, certification will be needed from either membership of a qualifying farm assurance scheme or via a valid veterinary declaration