Woodlands absorb harmful gases, improving air quality for you and your local community. They act as a natural ‘carbon sink’ by removing and storing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping tackle climate change.   By making smaller woodlands bigger or connecting existing woodlands with one another you can help connect habitats and encourage wildlife corridors, boosting nature recovery.   Plant trees on your land and you could go on to generate additional income through activities such as harvesting trees for timber, producing wood for fuel and other wood products, selling carbon units, and designing woodland for recreation and leisure use.

The England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO) is a national flagship grant scheme administered by the Forestry Commission which encourages investment in the creation and long-term management of woodland on areas as small as one hectare.  EWCO covers standard capital costs up to £10,200 per hectare, with stackable payments of up to £8,000 per hectare for tree planting projects that support wider benefits to society, nature recovery, and the environment.  Visit this page for full information.