Class Q relates to the conversion of barns to residential accommodation and Class R relates to the change of use of agricultural buildings. The main differences for Class Q applications are that as from 21 May 2024 the previous five-unit restriction has been increased to 10 new dwellings.  Alongside this, the amount of space an applicant can convert has increased to 1,000 m², however the maximum size of any dwelling is now 150 m². Therefore, to have 10 new dwellings under Class Q, each one will need to be 100 m² each.  Additionally, an applicant will be able to extend to the back of the barn or agricultural building by up to 4m on any hard surface which was present on or before July 24, 2023.  The biggest factor and advantage for owners is more barns will qualify under Class Q, including those no longer used for agricultural purposes.

From May 21, Class R buildings will also be able to be changed to use Class B2 (general industrial), use Class F2(c) (outdoor sport and recreation) or the provision of agricultural training.  The former floor space limit of 500 m2 has also risen to 1,000 m2.

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