The Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) is a scheme which supports food production and the environment.   Agreements will start the month after they are accepted.  SFI is not competitive and anyone who applies and is eligible will be offered an agreement. You can enter as much land as you choose: there is no minimum or maximum area and you can choose how many actions you do. Once you’re in SFI, you can add more land and actions to your agreement each year. To help with cash flow, farmers who have a live 2023 agreement before the end of the year, will receive an accelerated payment in the first month of their agreement.   It’s possible to be in SFI and Countryside Stewardship at the same time if the actions are compatible and you are not being paid for the same action twice.

Read this Defra blog post which explains what farmers need to do to prepare for an application when the window opened on 18 September 2023.

You can also watch a webinar discussion between Head of SFI and the NFU Senior Countryside Adviser on how to prepare for the scheme.