AgZero+ is an ambitious five-year research programme supporting the UK’s transition towards domestic food production that is sustainable, carbon-neutral and has a positive effect on nature.  Within this project, this study seeks to:

  • Identify farm management practices that will lead to net zero and wider environmental benefits
  • Explore the key attributes and characteristics for adopting these practices
  • Examine the interventions and incentives that drives adoptions across different farming systems and landscapes

To meet these objectives, the study will conduct interviews with farmers around three key themes:

  • Operator characteristics (e.g., age, farming background, experience in scheme participation)
  • Farm characteristics (e.g., farm size, farming system, etc.,)
  • Adoption of farm management practices (e.g., types of practices to reduce GHG/enhance biodiversity/capture and store carbon, and reasons and process of adoption)

These interviews will last around 30 – 40 minutes long and can be done online, via telephone or in-person, depending on the preference of the participant.  Participants will also be compensated £50 for their time in this study.  For further information on this project, please visit or contact Hermann Kam at