There is concern nationally that there are illegal farriers operating throughout the UK.  By using an unregistered person a horse owner may be risking the welfare of their animal, may invalidate any insurance if their horse is lamed or injured and may be aiding and abetting criminal activity.  Illegal farriery is a criminal offence which can result in a fine of up to £1000, legal costs and a criminal record.
Check that your farrier is registered with the Farriers Registration Council on
Warwickshire County Council will investigate all allegations of illegal farriery activity where sufficient information is available.  If you have any information regarding illegal farriery activity please contact the Farriers Registration Council:
Tel:  01733 319911
You can also submit information using the Illegal Farriery Report Form on their website
Alternatively you can report any suspicions of illegal farrier to Warwickshire Rural Crime Team or trading standards at Warwickshire County Council.  Your personal details will be handled in confidence.