The Water Restoration Fund (WRF) has 2 types of grants, development and delivery awards, to fund projects that restore and improve water and wetland environments such as rivers and their headwaters, canals, lakes and ponds.  The development awards are between £75K and £250K and the delivery awards are between £500K and £2 million.    The £11 million available is made up of water company fines.  Defra is encouraging local groups and farm clusters to work together and consider applying for funding to deliver projects at the catchment scale.   Projects will be encouraged to restore and protect habitats using nature-based solutions, improve community access to blue and green spaces, ranging from re-meandering rivers and restoring water-dependent habitats to removing barriers to enable fish natural movement in rivers.   The closing date for applications is 7 June 2024.  Read more on this Defra blog post.