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The Hub inspires its members to embrace change and learn from one another to encourage their business to prosper. It is led by farm and rural businesses across Warwickshire and Solihull.

What is the

Warwickshire Rural Hub?

The Hub is a business support organisation which is led by farm and rural businesses across Warwickshire and Solihull.

Established in October 2003 by a group of farmers who wanted to take control of their own destiny, the Hub has grown from strength to strength and now has a membership of over 1200 businesses. Membership is free of charge.  All our activities are funded by a charitable trust, business supporters and business partnerships.

The Hub is recognised as an example of best practice for practical rural delivery – listening to the needs of rural businesses and responding to them.

You can contact our Co-ordinator, Jane Hampson, on info@ruralhub.org.uk or 07780 159291

Our postal address is c/o Archway Cottage, 2 Church Street, Marton, Rugby CV23 9RL

Left:  Jane Hampson our Co-ordinator.  Right: Karen Ellis our Chair








What does

the Hub do?

The Rural Hub helps farm and rural businesses to develop into innovative, profitable and market-led enterprises. Membership is free of charge and members receive:

a monthly E-news containing the latest industry news and developments, noticeboard adverts and links to market-place companies;
access to Hub events on a variety of subjects such as;

  • rural planning advice
  • pond creation and management and accessing biodiversity offsetting funding
  • managing farm woodland
  • new technology in farming
  • funding available for farm diversification 
  • Class Q regulations for planning applications

We are always open to hearing from members about the type of event they would like to see organised, so please contact our Co-ordinator, Jane Hampson, on info@ruralhub.org.uk with your suggestions.


Meet our Chair

Karen Ellis

Karen become our Chair in March 2022 and is well-known to many farmers in Warwickshire through her voluntary work with the Farming Community Network.  She also used to farm with her late husband, Martin, just outside of Harbury.  In addition, Karen is a Director of the Kenilworth and District Agricultural Society and is a member of many other farming and environmental groups in the county.

Meet the Co-ordinator

Jane Hampson

Jane has been the Co-ordinator of the Rural Hub since December 2016 working part-time from her home office.  As well as pulling together our monthly e-news for members and organising our events, Jane also updates the website on a daily basis, keeps our social media pages active and manages the book-keeping.  

Prior to joining the Rural Hub Jane worked for Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group as their Personnel Manager.  Outside of work Jane enjoys long walks with her dog Beatrice and gardening.  

“The Hub helps to inspire its Members to do something different, to embrace change and learn from each other.”

Henry Lucas,
Warwickshire Rural Hub Chair 2003 – 2022



In 2020 the Rural Hub participated in a Defra sponsored project to measure the social value return of our work.  But what is social value return?  Put simply, it is the answer to the question “if £x is spent on delivering an activity, what is the value of that same £x in terms of wider benefits to the local community?”    After participating in the project the Rural Hub was calculated as having a social value return of:


£9.84 for every £1 that is invested in us by our sponsor and business supporters


You can read the full report from the project here: Warwickshire Rural Hub Report 

Or read the shorter impact report here: Warwickshire Rural Hub Impact Card


Would you Like to

Donate to the Hub?



A donation to the Rural Hub of any amount is always gratefully received. However, only donations of over £100 can be acknowledged on our Hub Supporter's page.  A donation can be paid by cheque, BACS, standing order or by the Paypal link below.  If you would like our bank details please contact the Co-ordinator on info@ruralhub.org.uk 



Contact Us

The Warwickshire Rural Hub CIC
Archway Cottage, 2 Church Street, Marton, Rugby CV23 9RL

Email: info@ruralhub.org.uk
Tel: 07780 159291

Company Registration No: 7026157
Registered office: 23 West Bar Street, Banbury, OX16 9SA


Rural Hub


Jane Hampson
E: info@ruralhub.org.uk

Tel: 07780 159291


Warwickshire Rural Hub CIC Directors

Karen Ellis (Chair)
Amy Brant
Rosemary Collier
Emlyn Evans
Ian Jelley
Henry Lucas
Marion Perrett Pearson
Alexandra Robinson


Environmental Steering Group Members

Zoe Bell (Chair)
Tony Beysens
Meehal Grint, Kings Seeds
Tom Newbery, Highfield Farm
Louis Phipps, Bragborough Estate
Zoe Burrows, Rookery Farm




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