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High Speed Two (HS2) is a new high speed railway that will link London to Birmingham and Manchester, the East Midlands and Leeds.  Phase One of the project links London with the West Midlands.

Main civils construction work for Phase One commenced in 2019 and the delivery of the first trains for infrastructure testing will take place in 2024.  The train line is due to become fully operational between 2029 and 2033.

The construction of the line is likely to cause considerable disruption for Warwickshire residents who either live near the construction works or who travel through the affected areas on a regular basis.   To keep informed of road closures, HS2 drop-in sessions and other updates please visit this page on a regular basis.


If your home is very near to the HS2 route and is affected by the construction or operation of the railway line you may be able to apply for one of the assistance schemes.  Visit this page to read about all of the schemes available.  You may also be able to sell your property or small business to the government if it has been blighted by the new line.  Visit this page to read further information.  

HS2 Ltd will seek regular engagement with all farmers, landowners and rural business owners on the route.  They will want to meet with you to discuss:

  • information about the project and the proposed design;
  • detailed proposals for temporary and permanent accommodation works;
  • land restoration and aftercare; and
  • the impact on additional activities, such as fishing and sporting rights, and how best to protect them.

The HS2 guide giving their approach to engagement with farmers and growers is available to download here.  


There are two funding streams which are still open for applications.  The first is the Community and Environment Fund which has been created to add benefit to communities along the route that are demonstrably disrupted by the construction of Phase One of HS2.  The second fund is the Business and Local Economy Fund which will support local economies that are demonstrably disrupted by the construction of the line.   Visit this page to read how to submit an application for funding. 

HS2 Woodland Fund

The Woodland Fund is open to applications from landowners located within 25 miles of the Phase One route of the high speed railway.  The fund aims to help local landowners create new native, broad leaf woodlands.  To find out more about the Woodland Fund and how to apply please visit this page.  


There is now significant construction work taking place along the HS2 route in the county.  Visit this page to view all the current and planned work in your region or along your route of travel.  


The HS2 Community Engagement Strategy sets out their approach to community engagement and what it means for those who either live or work within the communities along the line of the new railway.  Read the strategy on this page.  


HS2 and their contractors run regular events to keep communities informed about the planning and delivery of the railway.  You can use this page to find details of all planned events.


Countdown to delivery of first trains for testing









If you have any questions about the new high speed rail, please get in touch with HS2 directly:

24/7 freephone 08081 434 434

Minicom 08081 456 472


The home page for HS2 in Warwickshire can be accessed here.  

The HS2 YouTube channel can be accessed here

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