The Future Farming Resilience Fund is designed to provide business support to farmers and land managers during the early years of the agricultural transition.  It does this by awarding grants to organisations who help farmers and land managers to:

  • understand the changes that are happening
  • identify how, what and when they may need to adapt their business models
  • access tailored support to adapt.

The support will be available, free of charge, from August 2021 onwards. Any farmer or land manager currently in receipt of Direct Payments is eligible to apply.  It is recommend that interested farmers get contact with the organisations early to avoid missing out on this phase, though a further phase of support will be available from 2022.

There are several organisations offering the support to Warwickshire farmers so please visit this page to see the list.

The RPA has recently launched the first in a new podcast series which will offer support and guidance to farmers, landowners and rural communities navigating agricultural transition. Listen on Apple and Spotify or through BuzzsproutIf you would like RPA to cover a particular topic with their subject experts, please email


AHDB has been contracted to help 4000 farmers and growers in England navigate the loss of direct payments and future proof their businesses.  The serviced is funded by Defra, through the Future Farming Resilience Fund and will be available until August 2022.  The AHDB Farm Business Review service is independent and offers an online self-assessment tool, expert advice and peer support to help farm businesses prepare for the biggest agricultural policy shift in a generation. Designed for dairy, beef, sheep, cereals and oilseeds farmers who are most affected by the move away from direct payments, the online Farm Business Review tool includes the following elements:

  • BPS Impact Calculator: How will BPS reductions impact your business?
  • Business Resilience Assessment: Is your business fit and ready for the future?
  • KPI Express Calculator: How well is your farm performing?

To help interpret, analyse and discuss the results each farmer will receive half a day’s support with a consultant who will visit you at home.  An action plan and next steps will be agreed, farmers will then be invited to a group feedback meeting to hear the latest information on policy changes and discuss options.  Based on the results of Farm Business Review those with the greatest need for additional support will be offered bespoke on-farm advice to support specific areas of their business, 200 of each of the following will be provided:

  • Benchmarking – full calculation of cost of production at the enterprise level using AHDBs Farmbench tool with tailored report and benchmarks
  • Business planning – in depth review of farm accounts and budgeting to support forward planning and succession
  • Carbon audit – a carbon audit and plan of management options

To find out more about AHDBs Farm Business Review service visit their website at  Sign up for the service through the AHDB Farm Business Review tool   For help call the helpdesk on 0247 5189 300 or email


The Landworker’s Alliance advice aims to help farmers and land managers prepare for the agricultural transition and build farm businesses that will work for you and future generations. They will encourage and support the integration of resilience into all aspects of farming systems; looking at agroecological land-management, shortening supply chains, and resilient financial practices.   Support includes a transition toolkit, 1-1 peer support and farmer to farmer webinars.  Visit this page to sign up.


The Prince’s Countryside Fund is inviting farm businesses to join their new Farm for the Future programme, which is being delivered virtually to farmers in Warwickshire.  The programme will help farms to better understand how the Agricultural Transition Plan will affect the future of their business. Farm for the Future will provide business support so farmers can manage the upcoming changes and make informed decisions about their future and discover opportunities with the ELM schemes that may financially and practically benefit the farm.

Any owner-occupied or tenant farm currently in receipt of BPS in England can take part and the programme is free of charge.  For more information and to express interest in taking part please visit Defra Future Farming – The Prince’s Countryside Fund (


A new Farming Community Network publication, The Journey Ahead, has been developed with input from more than 40 different organisations and experts across agriculture.   Through questions and answers, articles, guidance and case studies, the publication contains a wide range of information sourced from industry experts around areas such as financial security, succession planning, diversification, retirement, mitigating TB, farm safety, wellbeing and more.  The publication follows the FCN Time to Plan campaign which ran between October 2020 – March 2021.

You can download a digital copy of The Journey Ahead on this page.