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26ft bale trailer for sale (Posted 7.17)

4 yr old bale trailer for sale really good condition portequip 26ft long Price £3.500 Warwickshire Phone Chris 07871173547

Contact: Chris Sabine
Contact number: 07871173547
Email: tmsabine@hotmail.com

Full livery in Knowle available (posted 7.17)

Small, friendly yard with no more than 6 liveries. £75 week includes 7 days a week muck out, turn out, bring in, hay, straw bedding. £85 week includes 7 days week muck out, turn out, bring in, hay, wood pellets bedding, outdoor menage.

Contact: Judy
Contact number: 07979695296

Workspace, Unit or Workshop for private classic car work (posted 7/17)

Im looking for an area or a small unit or workshop to work on one of my own classic cars. I require an electricity supply and lighting, and it should be secure. Anywhere within 10 miles of Leamington Spa area is ideal. I work in a methodically clean and tidy fashion and will not be leaving scrap or mess anywhere.

Contact: darren galloway
Contact number: 07912433876
Email: darren_galloway@hotmail.com

Barn/Garage/Storage nr. Southam (posted 7.17)

Storage space wanted for a double horse trailer, approximately 10ft long. A close to Southam as possible, please.

Contact: Suzanne
Contact number: 07817228662
Email: sufossey@gmail.com

Hay for sale (posted 7.17)

Sheds are now full with some of the best hay you'll find. We deliver small or large bales to suit your needs. Give your animals a treat this year and order from us. Also large haulage bales for sale. Based in Bulkington

Contact: Christine
Contact number: 07867808056

Farm diversification project (posted 6.17)

Hi. I am looking for a farmer within a 10 mile radius of Rugby who would like to participate in a diversification project. No physical work or financial involvement needed. Only thing required is an area of approx 20 acres. Even if it's part woodland or unusable field area. Please email me to discuss further. Thank you

Contact: Adam
Contact number: 07449183285
Email: Buck95131@gmail.com

Workshop near Nuneaton required (posted 6.17)

Looking for a workshop /unit to store and work on a car my personal classic car project, must be in or around the Nuneaton area

Contact: Damon
Contact number: 07019918243
Email: Dgadney@hotmail.co.uk

Wanted: Land to Shoot pigeons (posted 6/17)

I am looking for permission to shoot pigeons around Coventry area. I already shoot 1 permission but looking for another to keep. I am ex military and am a Highways Agency Traffic Officer so have plenty of time to shoot. I am BASC Insured and more than happy to come and meet prior to being given permission.

Contact: Kevin Fairhurst
Contact number: 07964022294
Email: kevin.fairhurst@outlook.com

Small workshop needed (posted 6.17)

Work and storage space needed for electronics business. 200-400sq ft.Warwick-Leamington-Stratford area

Contact: Nick
Contact number: 07748345580
Email: nick@avxsystems.plus.com

Wanted unit or Workshop Nuneaton and surrounding areas (posted 6.17)

Looking for a unit to rent in Nuneaton or surrounding areas. Looking for medium size. Will be kept clean and tidy.

Contact: Taylor Bentley
Contact number: 07411047913

Welder wanted for project (posted 6.17)

Help wanted with horse trailer refurbishment into a festival kitchen. Based in Coventry

Contact: Sheena
Contact number: 07813055749
Email: professional.touchclean@gmail.com

Work experienced wanted on a dairy farm during school holiday (Posted 6.17)

I am a student, aged 17 years, at St. Peter’s Catholic Sixth Form currently preparing for my A-levels. I am taking Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics, and am hoping to further my studies at university undertaking a veterinary medicine course. I am looking for one week work experience on a local dairy farm during the school holidays in summer. Please get in touch if you can help.

Contact: Katie Youngman
Contact number: 07736570233

Land wanted (posted 6.17)

Land wanted for livestock approx 2 acres needed initially looking to rent or buy

Contact: Brett
Contact number: 07775928225
Email: Glaston@hotmail.co.uk

Two wooden American Barns to let near Warwick (posted 5.17)

I have two wooden buildings of 2,160sq ft each that could be let individually or together and currently used for equestrian purposes. I am looking to let now for quiet small business/storage purposes. Both have wide double door access, water and electricity with good parking areas.

Contact: Gay
Contact number: 07872 549103
Email: gay4idlewood@yahoo.co.uk

Units for Rent in Rugby - CV23 (Posted 5.17)

Large - Small - Medium Size Units available. Large out door space available. Please let me know nature of use. 24 Hour CCTV in Place

Contact: Sam
Contact number: 07436806532
Email: plusnet745@gmail.com

Barn / Workshop Space Wanted (posted 5.17)

Looking for some small space to use as a workshop for a woodworking business. South Warwickshire location, anything around Leamington Spa / Rugby is viable.

Contact: Richard Harris
Contact number: 07828419208
Email: rjharrishome@yahoo.co.uk
Website: www.warwickshirewoodworking.com

Pony paddock wanted (posted 5.17)

Wanted. Paddock suitable for horses. Field shelter or stables if possible or option of putting a mobile shelter on. Harbury/ Southam/ area.

Contact: Christine
Contact number: 07980486327
Email: sonnyellie@btinternet.com

Wanted - Unit/Barn to rent (posted 5.17)

My partner and I are looking to rent a unit/barn conversion/studio in the Warwickshire area. Approx 500 to 2000sq ft.

Contact: Tina
Contact number: 07539204775
Email: realfitnesspt05@gmail.com

Land wanted for Ponies (posted 5.17)

Looking for land to rent for my Welsh Section A mare and possibly a 14hh cob. Stables not important but field shelter a bonus. As close to Rugby as possible. Running water would be needed but electric not essential. Looking for 1/2-1 acres of land.

Contact: Holly Sheridan
Contact number: 07379375867
Email: hollywallis28@gmail.com

Wanted paddock, barn or small field to rent (posted 5.17)

I am looking for a paddock, small secure field or barn to rent in Rugby or nearby for the purpose of exercising dogs. I am fully insured.

Contact: Lisa Lancaster
Contact number: 07860762305
Email: lisa@pawsrugby.co.uk
Website: www.pawsrugby.co.uk.

Wanted large barn/unit for storage (posted 5.17)

As above within 15 miles of Rugby, must be secure and able to store 80-100 vehicles of varying sizes and lengths. Thanks

Contact: Katy
Contact number: 07894321708
Email: katygameson@gmail.com

Summer Grazing for sheep (posted 4.17)

Well fenced and sheltered field with water to let for summer for around 10 sheep. Owner lives on site. Reasonable rent.

Contact: Jenny Morgan
Contact number: 01564785935
Email: jennymorgan@sky.com

Large Garage Avaialble - Hinkley (posted 4.17)

Large Garage available for storage of a classic car. The garage is brick built, clean and dry and has a power supply. large enough to comfortably fit an American car. Located at a farmhouse on the outskirts of Hinkley. The site is very secure. rent is £150 per month, paid monthly in advance. Available to rent for as short or long term as you need.

Contact: steve
Contact number: 07963393418
Email: sh.young@btopenworld.com


Hi. As above. I'm looking for a workshop / garage / unit to rent for vehicle storage in Nuneaton or surrounding areas. Such as Bedworth, Arley, Meriden, Coventry, Hinkley, Attleborough etc. Location can be either on a farm or industrial estate etc. Premises will be kept clean and tidy Anything considered!

Contact: Moe
Contact number: 07929893809
Email: irf_nismo@hotmail.co.uk

Small piece of land for sale or rent (posted 4.17)

Enclosed piece of land 66ft x 30ft or there abouts. Situated in the Coventry area.

Contact: dave
Contact number: 07477810829
Email: davelumsden84@yahoo.com

Hay bales for sale (posted 4.17)

120 small rectangular bales of hay for sale in Armscote. Stored inside. £4 per bale.

Contact: Deborah Williams
Contact number: 01608 682 375
Email: deborah.williams@armscotemanor.co.uk

Wanted: large hanger for MOD 80 miles radius of Stafford (Posted 4.17)

The MOD is searching for a suitable training area which is capable of providing an open building (or hanger) large enough to house a small/medium deployed Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) HQ over the period 30 Oct – 17 Nov 17. The location is to be an 80 mile radius from Stafford. The site would not be a green field site and needs hard standing access and is capable of housing a HQ approximately 55m x 55m (minimum) for around 40 staff. The location would then need to be able to sustain the staff. If you can help please emailfor further details.

Contact: MOD
Contact number: 0
Email: 2SIG-Ops-YofS@mod.uk

Yard wanted (Posted 04/17)

Nationwide landsping company require a yard near leamington to transport our garden waste to and dispose of. We hold a upper tier waste carrier licence proof can be seen. Happy to pay per load !

Contact: Jamie langton
Contact number: 07979900405
Email: Info@envylandscapes.co.uk

WANTED Small patch of land for bee keeping nr Solihull (Posted 4.17)

I am looking for a small patch of land in or close to Solihull to start a small apiary (1 hive at first, moving up to 2 or 3 hives). Only need circa 16-20m² (175-215 sq ft.) and happy to share with others - bees normally fine alongside livestock/horses! Can pay in honey at the end of the season.

Contact: Louise Cameron-Ward
Contact number: 07791513767
Email: happycherrybomb@hotmail.com

Wanted secure workshop/barn space to rent in South Warwickshire (posted 4.17)

I am looking for a secure workshop or barnspace to rent with water and electricity supplies in the South Warwickshire or South Northamptonshire areas.Any sizes considered.

Contact: Jez Meades
Contact number: 07519777007
Email: jez.golfballs@tiscali.co.uk

Pedigree beef herd looking for a new home (posted 3.17)

Due to the redevelopment of my existing rented yard i am seeking a new home for the herd. Cattle yards and area to store hay/straw and machinery needed, if grass is also available even better.

Contact: Mark
Contact number: 07941 061635


Approx. 1800 sq/foot available to rent in the Warwick area. Suitable for workshop or general storage.

Contact: John Challinor
Contact number: 07711 866499
Email: enquiries@sweetpee.co.uk

Workshop/storage unit available - Hinkley (Posted 3.17)

200sq ft unit available to rent, suitable for use as a workshop, or for general storage. Electricity supply available. Very secure. Available for both short or long term rent. £60 per week

Contact: Steve
Contact number: 07960393418
Email: sh.young@btopenworld.com

Wanted: Manure (Posted 3.17)

Hi everyone. I am after a couple of trailers of well rotted manure to be delivered to me in Kenilworth. Happy to pay properly.

Contact: Crispin
Contact number: 07834856564
Email: crispin.passmore@btinternet.com

Wanted - land to shoot on (Posted 3.17)

I am looking to shoot pigeon and rabbit. Am BASC member and insured - just looking for somewhere to shoot!

Contact: Andy
Contact number: 07702 271744

Trained farm mechanic available (Posted 1/17)

Trained Farm Mechanic available for servicing, repairs, welding, etc.

Contact: Ian
Contact number: 07960866025 or 01455221112.

Barn Conversion for Rent (posted 2.17)

2 bedroom barn conversion for rent. On farm location near Shilton, Coventry. Suit rural couple. No children or pets. Non smokers only. £700 pcm.

Contact: David
Contact number: 07854 372257
Email: barnaclehall@btinternet.com

Land for rent, Solihull (posted 2.17)

Land required for long established clay shooting club in surrounding areas of Solihull . Losing current ground due to property development.

Contact: Steve West
Contact number: 07751 951749
Email: swest208@yahoo.co.uk

Wanted Woodland or Land for events (posted 2.17)

Looking for land to pitch our event sized yurt over the 2018 summer season to host weddings. We would be interested in either a woodland area or open field. We would also require parking for around 40 cars. It would not be essential that the site has access to electricity or mains water. If this would be of interest to you have a suitable site available we would be very interested in hearing from you, please feel free to contact me if any questions you may have.

Contact: Jenny Deeley
Contact number: 07969 988706
Email: jenny@seasonalmarkets.co.uk
Website: www.seasonalmarkets.co.uk

Grazing wanted to rent or buy 1-3 acres (Posted 2.17)

Looking to rent or maybe buy 1-3 acres of grazing land for a few Shetland ponies. Electrics and water not essential.

Contact: Rebecca
Contact number: 07806688369
Email: Becci82@hotmail.co.uk

Agricultural land wanted for flower growing project (posted 2/17)

Wanted - about 10 acres of agricultural land to establish flower growing near Stratford upon Avon.

Contact: Igor
Contact number: 07768 255683
Email: Igor@colorestates.com

Units - Outdoor Space - For Rent - CCTV Secure (Posted 2/17)

Large - Small - Medium Size Units available. Large out door space available. Please let me know nature of use. NO CAR SELLERS. Sam

Contact: Sam
Contact number: 07436806532
Email: ggg804@gmail.com

Wanted: Schooling for Cob/Welsh Pony available for Loan (Posted 1.17)

Hello I'm looking for someone experienced to give my 13.2 cob some schooling as he has been out of work due to a nasty abcess since October and he is on part share so I would like someone to bring him back into work. He is a quiet boy for a six year old my daughter help break him in 3 years ago so looking for someone to help . Also there is a lovely 12.2 Welsh Pony available for part loan ideal for a lead rein onwards. He is a typical Welsh, had a bad start in life and was broken in late but loves to be groomed and fussed. Lovely pony for a light weight jockey but must be confident.

Contact: Kim Crosby
Contact number: 02477672484
Email: k.crosby4@aol.co.uk

Field wanted to rent for Riding Club (posted 1/17)

3 to 4 acres wanted in Bedworth or local area for local grass roots riding club for fortnightly shows from March to October. Willing to maintain to a high standard. Looking due to loss of current field .

Contact: Sallyann Park
Contact number: 07506349924
Email: Sallsdel@sky.com
Website: www.exhallandbedworthridingclub.com

farm building or rural home to rent near Rugby (Posted 1/17)

Hi We are a professional couple with a small dog looking to rent a rural home - this could be a farm building or cottage. My husband is a plumbing engineer with his own business. so any work needed to property could be completed by him. We need space which includes a home for us with a garage/workshop for my husband's tools etc. We both work full time and our dog is looked after in the daytime. We want to try before we buy so any quirky property or rural locations will be considered.

Contact: Tracey
Contact number: 07956401221
Email: tderrick2@icloud.com

Available: Dog Walker/Pet Sitter (posted 11/2016)

Years of experience with a many different types of animals from dogs and cats to chickens, horses and small animals. Passionate about providing the best care for your animals and providing you with peace of mind that your animals are in the best possible hands. Services include: Dog Walking House visits for dogs, cats and small animals Equine Care Dog Day Care

Contact: Harriet
Contact number: 07595373151
Email: haelowe@hotmail.com
Website: harrietlowe.weebly.com/

Mole Catching made easy

After fifty years of mole catching on the farm, I have developed a guaranteed method of catching moles with scissor traps and have produced a website, so everyone can benefit from my research. The website can be found at or near the top of the first page on all search engines if “mole catching” is entered. “Walcote Farm” is the name to look for in the web address. The mole catching website can also be found via my website www.walcotefarm.co.uk

Contact: John Finnemore
Contact number: -

Work shop wanted Stratford area (Posted 7.17)

I'm a new business, looking for a work space big enough and suitable for a photograhy studio. Stratford-upon-Avon area please.

Contact: Emma
Contact number: 07733032084
Email: emma_pitt@aol.co.uk

Livery /Land Wanted in Allesley area (posted 7.17)

Looking for sole use of a Livery yard or Land to rent for two ponies. One horse must have water, electric and at least two stables so looking for 3-4 acres. My family had a small holding on Althorpe estate in Wormleighton with sheep and horses and so is used to maintaing land. If no stables area available would like the possibility of putting up portable ones. Good price paid must be in Alleslley/corley/Meridan area Fillongly.

Contact: Kim
Contact number: 02477672484
Email: K.crosby4@aol.co.uk

Helping Hands Community Project (posted 7.17)

Helping Hands is a community project based in Leamington, Warwick and Kenilworth. We help low income families, victims of domestic violence and homeless individuals and families. With donations given by the local community, we are able to literally turn empty houses into homes. Unfortunately we have recently found out that our storage facility for our furniture project , (2,000sq ft.) that was gifted to us and where we have been for the last few years, is now going to be sold on and we now have no where to go. We really need to continue this work and with your help we can. Please contact us if you are able to offer us a similar storage facility. Thank you for your help and support. We are also looking to rent a farmhouse, preferably on farm lands/stables so we can run a project for vulnerable adults who can literally work on the farm whilst gaining support they need. Please contact us for more information. Thank you

Contact: Lianne Kirkman
Contact number: 07450310139
Email: Helpinghandslwk@gmail.com

Wanted: 2000/2500 sq ft barn/unit wanted, Stratford area

Wanted: engineering workshop/storage for classic lorries and other old machinery. Losing current building due to development. I don't need electricity, as I have a quiet running generator. Would consider further afield. Two or more smaller buildings would be ok. I am not a business

Contact: philip knightbridge
Contact number: 07494534843
Email: philip.knightbridge@btopenworld.com

Lane to shoot small game required (posted 7.17)

Hello, I am looking for permission to shoot small game, ie rabbits pigeons etc. Looking in any area if possible at all. More than willing to meet with land owner prior to permission

Contact: Gary
Contact number: 07871197805
Email: garybates1979@gmail.com

Free DIY livery in Shrewley, Warwick (posted 6.17)

I am looking for a livery to join me at a small, private yard in Shrewley, Warwick. I am able to offer post-and-rail fenced paddocks ranging from 1/2 acre to 2.5 acres (7.5 acres in total).I can provide a 12x12 stable, private tack/feed room, water, electricity, etc. Unfortunately I do not have a school so my place will not be for everyone. The livery is free on the basis that you can feed my horses and sheep when I am travelling. I can also check and feed your horse/pony to cover any commitments you may have. Give me a call, text or email if you would like further details or would like to come along and see the place. 07779 646926

Contact: Jon Abbott
Contact number: 07779646926
Email: jon.abbott.ja@googlemail.com


I am a university student, aged 20 years old, at Teesside University but I am based in Bedworth during the summer. I am hoping to apply for a Masters in veterinary physiotherapy, for this I need 40 hours work experience with cattle. Please contact if you can help.

Contact: Rebecca Stott
Contact number: 07739504519
Email: rebeccastott96@gmail.com

Wedding venue required (Posted 6/17)

I am looking to find a suitable venue for holding wedding receptions and other invitation only events. Currently just scoping the market but ideally looking for an attractive, easily accessable oudoor space suitable for a large marquee and mobile caterers and with access to power and water. Ideally within 15 mile radius of Coventry. A large barn with potential to renovate could be considered. Looking for a lease/long term rental arrangement. Would also consider a joint venture with percentage of profits shared.

Contact: Debbie L
Contact number: 07730251973
Email: winnielakin@yahoo.co.uk

Wanted: unit to rent for dog training school (posted 6.17)

Looking for a unit at least 3000 sqft for a dog training school within 5 miles of Leamington Spa.

Contact: Ruby Welsford
Contact number: 07379582540
Email: betsyboowelsford@gmail.com

Meadow wanted for shepherd's hut (posted 6.17)

I'm looking for a small piece of land on which to keep my shepherd's hut. It's is going to be used as a holiday let so needs to be picturesque ideally. Norton Lindsey area.

Contact: Richard
Contact number: 07908034039
Email: wildwoodjoinery@icloud.com

Barn or unit wanted in Nuneaton area (posted 7.16)

Barn or unit wanted about 1500 to 1800 Sq ft around Nuneaton area. Long term rental required and good access. Intended use for restoration of classic vehicles.

Contact: David Rollason
Contact number: 07476373479
Email: davidrollason1@hotmail.co.uk

Plot of land wanted to grow vegetables on (posted 6.17)

Looking for a parcel of land bigger than average allotment to grow vegetables on -anything from half an acre upwards around the Southam area. To buy or rent. I am tidy and easy to deal with and am just looking for somewhere to start my good life.

Contact: Holly
Contact number: 07792 053669
Email: hiatt_holly@yahoo.co.uk

WANTED: Land wanted for local teacher for metal detecting (Posted 5.17)

Im a local teacher who has recently taken up metal detecting - my club has folded due to committee retirement and as such I have no land to detect. I’m looking for permission to detect land on a pre arranged/agreed basis on suitable pre planted/post harvested or grazed pasture within your ownership and management - even a small area with suffice. I hold full PI insurance, and clear and current criminal record vetting due to my teaching profession and I am a trustworthy, honest person. I would welcome the chance to discuss the possibility further.

Contact: Marc
Contact number: -
Email: mrhoddy@yahoo.co.uk

Field/lit barn 100ft x 30ft required within 5 miles of Fillongley (Posted 5.17)

Looking for a venue to train flyball. Must be around 80-100 ft by 30ft and flat grass or flat indoor surface with parking for 5-10 cars. 1-2 training sessions held per week. Open to suggestions. Please get in touch if you think you have something we may be able to hire on a long term basis, thank you

Contact: Sade Hampson
Contact number: 07790680943
Email: sadehampson@gmail.com
Website: www.reboundflyballteams.wix.com/rebound

Redundant pig or cattle sheds required (posted 5.17)

I am looking for any available or redundant pig, cattle sheds, or similar type farm buildings within the local area, that I could convert into suitable pig housing accommodation If you might know of anyone you think may have some form of accommodation available. I could meet the landlord and supply references, deposit, etc,.

Contact: Matthew Dunkley
Contact number: 07547 640587
Email: matt.classic@btinternet.com

Land wanted for purchase (posted 5.17)

Hi I'm looking to purchase some land around 1 to 10 acres in the Coventry or Leicester area open to all. Enquiries please call Martin

Contact: Martin
Contact number: 07919837239
Email: Michael.birmingham123@gmail.com

Wanted barn/workshop near Solihull (posted 5/17)

I'm looking for a barn / workshop for our hand crafted woodworking / furniture business. The barn / workshop will need power and water. Any size larger than 300sqft would be considered. Within 10-15miles of Solihull preferably.

Contact: Joe Ford
Contact number: 07999381728
Email: info@avieandoak.co.uk
Website: www.avieandoak.co.uk

1500 - 3000 sq ft Barn Wanted (posted 5.17)

Looking for a serviced barn to rent in the vicinity of Stratford / Warwick.

Contact: Paul Drake
Contact number: 07595936185

Yard/Barn wanted in kenilworth Warwickshire (posted 5.17)

Yard or Barn required in Kenilworth to store up to 15 cars.

Contact: Brett
Contact number: 07871940131
Email: brettchimes@bacprestige.co.uk

Industrial Storage Unit/Barn (posted 5.17)

Looking for a small-medium size storage unit or barn, site must be fairly secure and have 24 hours access and have power. Within 15 minutes distance of Rugby

Contact: Jordan Cort
Contact number: 07583880714
Email: jordancort@Gmail.com

Wanted - 10 acres or more to rent (posted 5.17)

Hi I'm looking for 10 acres or more to rent for grazing in the Coleshill Maxstoke Fillongley Hurley and surrounding areas.

Contact: Shall underwood
Contact number: 07833561295
Email: Merryjack36@gmail.com

Secure dog walking field (posted 4.17)

Secure dog walking field in Lapworth. Available for hire. See our Facebook page Packwood Paws or contact as below.

Contact: Jenny Morgan
Contact number: 07890 771470
Email: jennymorgan@sky.com

Idyllic meadows for sale (Posted 4.17)

After the death of Mr and Mrs TH Robbins there is now an opportunity for interested parties to purchase Edgiock Meadows {12.5 acres of MG4 and MG5] meadows just outside Feckenham in Worcestershire. All of the land is in Environmental Stewardship and also includes wetland, one pool and one lake.

Contact: Dr Mark Robbins
Contact number: 01527892396
Email: info@edgiockconsulting.co.uk

Stable and grazing wanted (posted 4.17)

Looking for either a lovely friendly yard for my two ponies. One is a chunky cob 13 2 one is a Welsh mountain pony 12.2. Both are well behaved. Looking to rent land or livery with two stables. My family have had small holdings so would keep place tidy and clean. If anyone has any space please contact Kim.

Contact: Kim Crosby
Contact number: 7740363018
Email: k.crosby4@aol.co.uk

Wanted - land to shoot on (posted 4.17)

WANTED - LAND TO SHOOT I am looking to shoot pigeon and rabbit over crop or in woodlands . I Am BASC insured, been shooting for many years and willing to travel.

Contact: Matt
Contact number: 07736061986
Email: Websmith@talktalk.net

Wanted small unit/workshop (posted 4.17)

In need of a small workshop/unit for work on own vehicle not a business

Contact: Steve
Contact number: 07425613870
Email: stevetwizz@hotmail.com

Grazing wanted (Posted 4/17)

Looking for grazing for a few sheep near balsall common (Solihull/Coventry)

Contact: Rebecca walters
Contact number: 07917733232
Email: rhwalters@googlemail.com

Free used exhibition carpet suitable for covering ricks (posted 4.17)

Used exhibition carpet is now available free of charge for collection. It is stored on pallets and is easily transported on a trailer. The carpet is ideal for covering the polythene used on ricks etc., preventing corvids from pecking through and damaging the valuable plastic. Mostly green & blue it is what is known as exhibition cord so a relatively thin carpet which is easy to handle and drag around.

Contact: Chris Deith
Contact number: 01926 614101

HUB NOTICEBOARD: Requests, items for sale or items wanted.

If you have any requests, items for sale or items wanted that you would like to inform other Hub members about then please complete the on-line form or contact the Hub office. The a link to the noticeboard will be included in the monthly e-news and also put on to the Hubs website on the 'Noticeboard' page. Notices do not go live immediately as they have to be verified by the Hub first. All notices are only accepted at the discretion of the Hub. Notices relating to live animals will not be accepted. Items will be included on the noticeboard for approximately 3 months. If you require the listing to be removed sooner please contact the Hub office. If you require your item to be relisted after 3 months please resubmit your listing to the Hub office. * IT IS FREE OF CHARGE TO SUBMIT POSTINGS ON THE NOTICEBOARD BUT ANY DONATIONS ARE GRATEFULLY RECEIVED. * Please note that all entries are posted at the discretion of the Hub. All entries on the Noticeboard are wholly the responsibility of the author of the submission and not of the Warwickshire Rural Hub. The Warwickshire Rural Hub has not endorsed or verified the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any submission. Any communication or agreement resulting from the submitter and a third party is entirely at their own discretion and responsibility.

Contact: Jane Hampson
Contact number: 0
Email: info@ruralhub.org.uk

Wanted - Cottage to rent (posted 4.17)

I am looking for a 3 bed house to rent in a 5 mile radius of Halford. I am a shepherdess with 3 dogs, three children and 2 sheep! Any farm cottages about? I am willing to help with livestock in part exchange for rent.

Contact: Emma
Contact number: 07528477552
Email: lancarra@gmail.com

Storage units available (posted 3.17)

Secure indoor storage space available nr Hinkley, Leicestershire. Low monthly rental, suitable for either business or private use. Accessible 24h per day 7 days per week. Available on both short or long term lease.

Contact: Steve
Contact number: 07963393418
Email: sh.young@btopenworld.com

Barn space needed within 10 miles of Southam / Harbury (posted 3.17)

Looking to store my semi-classic car in a quiet corner of a dry barn, long term. Will not be used as a workshop and water and power are not needed. I will maintain my own insurance, I'd just want an assurance that it will be left secure and well alone. Access needed to start and run for 20 mins once a month during the winter, with occasional access to remove / use for the odd weekend during the summer.

Contact: Nik
Contact number: 07758 936853
Email: nik.heelam@gmail.com

Wanted small workshop/ lockup (Posted 3.17)

i am in need for a small workshop with access to water/ electricity in and around Stratford upon Avon / leamington / Warwick.

Contact: Sam ferns
Contact number: 07494525555
Email: Info@shakespearepainters.co.uk
Website: www.shakespearepainters.co.uk

Are you an interest group who would like to visit a farm in HLS?

Do you belong to a natural history group, art or photography group? A small farm in central Warwickshire is open to visits from interest groups who would like to view their conservation work and the habitats present on their land. Please contact the Hub office for further details.

Contact: Jane Hampson
Contact number: 0
Email: info@ruralhub.org.uk


Hi all, I am looking to purchase a rice horse trailer in the area. If you are selling one or if you know of anyone selling one please let me know. Thank you

Contact: Katie Galloway
Contact number: 07858080048
Email: Katie.galloway24@hotmail.com

WANTED Retail Unit/Workshop for Upcycling Furniture Business (posted 2.17)

Looking for semi rural location, roughly 5 miles on south side of Leamington Spa. Ideally already established location with good footfall.

Contact: Caroline Boylin
Contact number: 07825 679426
Email: Caroline.boylin@gmail.com
Website: www.facebook.com/thevintagemouseworkshop

Placement Student - September 17 - September 18 (posted 2.17)

I am currently studying a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Agriculture at Reaseheath College. I am 16 years old and am looking for a 12-month placement in the beef and sheep and engineering sectors of Agriculture. I have 6-month experience in the beef and sheep sector and have experience in lambing and raising young stock. I will be taking my tractor driving licence in early March and currently have my telehander licence and secondary qualifications for Health and Safety, PA1 and Quad bikes. Please feel free to contact me for anymore details and a copy of my CV. Thank you, Bethany .

Contact: Bethany Osborn
Contact number: 07775074075
Email: osborn416@gmail.com

Wanted, Barn/Large Garage to rent (posted 2.17)

Rugby & Surrounding area! I'm looking for some clean storage for my car and tools with access to water & electricity. Some general car tinkering ( Clean/only bodywork). NOT A BUSINESS!!

Contact: Ross
Contact number: 07540521616
Email: Ross.pulford@gmail.com

Cattle housing / farm wanted (Posted 2/17)

Cattle housing or farm wanted to rent for pedigree cattle herd, current buildings being redeveloped.

Contact: mark
Contact number: 07941 061635


Small automotive business is seeking enclosed dry space from 2,000 to 5,000sqft in Rugby - Daventry area to rent.

Contact: Cip
Contact number: 07432112816
Email: cnistorica@gmail.com

Wanted 2 bedroom property to rent (posted 2/17)

Minimum 2 bedroom home required for professional woman and adult daughter. Countryside/village location. Most areas considered. Must have access to 1 acre grazing for well behaved horse (stabling,shelter, storage, ménage an added bonus)

Contact: Ann
Contact number: 07970043828
Email: Malonetherapies@aol.com

200 sq ft workshop available - Hinkley (Posted 1.17)

200 sq ft workshop available in the grounds of a farmhouse just outside Hinkley. Very secure, electricity and water supply available. Accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, rent for £60 per week.

Contact: Steven Young
Contact number: 07963393418
Email: sh.young@btopenworld.com

Land wanted nr Bedworth (posted 1.17)

Wanted, approximately 1 to 1.2 plus acres of land on a long lease/tenancy around Bedworth. This is for a local radio controlled electric car club, possibly about to lose our present plot after 22 years. We need a long tenancy, 20 plus years please.

Contact: Bob
Contact number: 07775 981570

Woodland for hire in Kenilworth area (Posted 01/17)

55 acre woodland in the Kenilworth area. Possible hire, recreational use, courses, events, shooting (squirrels only) or other use for negotiated fees. Insurances will need to be in place for some activities.

Contact: Paula Marsh
Contact number: 00
Email: marshp919@aol.com

Available: Office space to rent on Agricultural Business Park (posted 12/2016)

A variety of office space is available to rent in the Arthur Rank Centre on Stoneleigh Park. Rectangular office approx. 18m2 available – would suit one or two people plus storage. Small office available suitable for one person plus storage. Also single desks available in shared offices. Short or long term let available. Please call Jackie or Emily on 02476 692470.

Contact: Emily or Jackie
Contact number: 02476 692470

FREE Cheese Whey

Free Cheese Whey is available from Fowlers dairy. It is ideal for pig feed. Collection must be arranged in advance. Please see contact details below.

Contact: Adrian Fowler
Contact number: 01564 702329
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